Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update continued...

August 23, 2009

To begin this latest update, a haiku to describe our life at the moment:

Still no furniture
Seventh sunny day so far
Can’t watch the Sox game!

Alas, our moving truck was supposed to arrive either yesterday 8/22, or today 8/23. We called on Friday (since we hadn’t gotten our 24-48 hour reminder call from the driver), to find out that it should be arriving instead on Monday 8/24 or Tuesday 8/25.


It’s actually no big deal. The house feels incredibly roomy, and the kids have been having a great time running around the empty spaces and playing wall ball without having to worry about anything breaking. I’m guessing it’s actually going to feel quite crowded once the furniture arrives!

In other news, the kids are really enjoying their new schools, we’ve got my son signed up for flag football, my daughter signed up for horseback riding lessons, and we went to the Lafayette Peach Festival yesterday and had kind of a funny experience:

It was once of those fabulous outdoor events where there are booths lining both sides of the blocked off street with food, drinks, jewelry, crafts, and of course, peaches! Several orchards were selling their fuzzy wares along the way, but we decided to buy some on the way out so we didn’t have to lug around a 15+ lb. box of peaches the whole time.

So we’re listening to the music, we’re wandering around, we’re standing in an inordinately long line for peach cobbler, and pretty soon after we finished that we decided to leave. So we walk back down the “so crowded it looks like the rock concert just let out” street and go up to the first orchard stand to buy our peaches.

They’re out.

We’re like, “What do you mean you’re OUT? This is a peach festival, we want our peaches!!” (well, we didn’t really say that, but that’s what we were thinking)

So they said, “Well, all we have left are seconds.”

So I asked, “Seconds? What are seconds?”

So the woman holds up a peach that is huge and gorgeous, except for the small blackish bruise on one side. Then she holds up another one, of similar size and stature, and this one has a small hole right near the stem. Each one clearly had been perfection in its day, but somewhere along the line life threw them a curve ball and they ended up the “seconds” box. She said that they still taste good, they just aren’t perfect. (now there’s a metaphor for you…)

Hmmm… we examine a few more in the box that is sitting there, and I innocently ask, “Okay, so how much for the secondhand peaches?”

Everyone behind the counter starts laughing hysterically, as does the woman helping us, and then she responds, “Not secondhand peaches, just seconds.” Oh. Right. Oops.

And everyone starts laughing again. (not at my expense….right?)

So after we all calm down, we’re told that the peach seconds are half-price. And we’re like, “WOW – just like the bagels!! We’re clearly cornering the market on half-priced consumables this week!”

So that was fun, and we’ve also been enjoying exploring the downtown area, continuing to have dinner on the floor, and using my son’s Swiss Army knife to do a multitude of cooking tasks!

Tonight we’re hoping to go to a restaurant that will be showing the Sox-Yankees game. I guess we’ll have to eat very slowly and keep getting our water glasses refilled all night!

Deep Thought for the Day:
Well, I have a few….I’ll have to collect my thoughts and add this later….

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  1. We have a Peach Festival too, and ours had around 30,000 people attend! (Ours was Aug 15.) Sounds like you had a great time! (We had a peach shortage too.)